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In the wake of "One Nation, One Test" policy students from all over India have been brought on a common platform to compete for seats in Engineering colleges. So it has become very important to prepare in the best possible manner.

Mastering JEE in simple words is a Test Series! But unlike other test series it gives you two excellent features which makes this test series a Unique one!

I. Personalized Feedback: This is a detailed analysis of your performance in each test. It also points out to the students their weak areas as well as strong areas.

II. Exploriments: This a Practical Lab brought to your computer! Best feature ever to clear your concepts and get crystal clear "Concept Clarity"

"Mastering JEE" is all about

  1. Showing the student where he/she stands
  2. Where he/she needs to go
  3. What is required for him/her to go there &
  4. How to achieve it

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