Web Designing

Syllabus :

Adobe Photoshop

Skills: Knowing the workspace, working with selections, color adjustments, painting and retouching, Filters, working with paths, working with channels, working with Layers, Masks, Creating images for web, video, and print, 3D introduction, smart work tips etc.

Outputs: UI Design, assets etc.

Adobe Flash

Skills:Knowing the workspace, Drawing tools, Symbols and library, advanced tools, Basic flash animation, advanced animation, importing files, creating buttons, working with movie clips, working with video, adding components, introduction to Actionscript, exporting movie etc.

Outputs: Web Banner, Flash Website, Web Advertisement, eCard site etc.

Adobe Dreamweaver

Skills:Knowing the workspace, creating new site, Adding text, insert images, use of CSS, Creating page layouts, working with tables, adding flash, video, and sound, maximizing site design, web forms, spry framework, frames, hyperlink, testing site etc.

Outputs: Photo Gallery, Video Gallery, Form, CSS, Mobile Web Page, Newsletter, Template, Anchored Website, Music Library, Gaming site, Web guestbook, Subscription, Search Engine, Sitemap, eCommerce Website, Blogs Design, Forum Design, Software Application UI design etc.

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